Animal Welfare

Lone Star Beef takes great pride in ensuring that all animals that enter the facility are handled in the most humane manner set forth by law and industry experts. Therefore, we as a company have adopted an animal welfare mission statement:

“Lone Star Beef Processors, L.P. recognizes the ethical and scientific responsibility of humane animal handling and abides by established industry and governmental standards and regulations pertaining to the humane treatment and handling of animals. Animal handling is a human responsibility that encompasses all aspect of animal well being.

Because humane slaughter is a common-sense business practice within the industry, Lone Star Beef Processors, L.P. acknowledges the Humane Slaughter Act of 1978 and takes personal satisfaction in providing our customers with the highest quality beef products available. Lone Star Beef Processors, L.P. considers humane methods of handling animals and humane slaughter operations a priority. Humane animal handling is not only ethically appropriate, but a concept highly valued by the entire industry.”

In order to ensure that our mission statement is fulfilled, Lone Star Beef has implemented American Meat Institutes “Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines” authored by Dr. Temple Grandin, the industry’s most well known animal handling expert.

In addition, we employ a number of team members that are PAACO Certified.